John Boehner – RINO Speaker

When you start listing off the top RINO targets today, you might as well start off with the Speaker of the House, John Boehner.  Considering the House is currently the only branch the Republicans actually have a majority in, the leader of the party should be a true Republican, and I would argue, a true conservative.   However that is certainly not the case with the current Speaker.   John Boehner is a RINO through and through.

Congressman Boehner was first elected by the 8th district of Ohio in 1991, and has steadily worked his way up the leadership ladder since that time.  Eventually taking the Speaker position when the Republicans had a landslide mid-term election in 2010.   Taking back the House with such huge numbers, was a huge victory for the party, and looked like we’d finally be in a position to at the very least stop government spending, and pull the reigns in on President Obama.   Of course, once he finally had power, Boehner showed his true colors as a RINO.  Utterly spineless and cowing to the wishes and demands of the President and Democratic party.

Whenever there is an issue that the Republicans feel strongly about, and are in a position to hold the line and force the Democrats to concede some major things in order to make a deal, you will find John Boehner working behind the scenes to cut the legs out from underneath the party.  This has been true when it comes to debt ceiling fights, budget cut fights or even the sequestration.   His lack of true conservatism has caught the ire of the Tea Party and actual conservatives, and his role as the Speaker was challenged in January, 2013.   Due to so many weak, scared politicians in the party, Boehner escaped with his leadership position, but his time is near.   The clock is ticking, and the conservatives are coming after him.

It will be extremely hard to beat John Boehner in a primary, being that he holds so much power in the Republican party.  It has been suggested that the best way to cut the cancer of this RINO, would be to vote for the democrat in the 2014 election.   That sends shivers up a lot of party pundits however, and to some extent I understand why.   However, when you are talking about voting a democrat into a seat in the House of Representatives, you are only talking about a 2 year proposition.   With a targeted campaign to replace only 2-3 members of the leadership via this method, you minimize the chances of losing the majority, while also sending a huge message to all RINO’s in congress, to watch there backs, as their method of caving will no longer be tolerated.  In two more years, you have a fresh canvas to send up a strong conservative candidate to take back the seat, and those two years hopefully strengthened the spines of the very weak that dominates today’s elected officials.

One way or another, Speaker Boehner needs to be kicked out of Congress.   The first option should be to try and primary him with a good strong candidate in the 8th district of Ohio.  If Boehner and the machine is able to withstand that battle, then the plan should be to vote him out, by crossing over and voting for the Democrat this one time.   You have to remember, not all RINO’s are this hard to primary, therefore he demands a special set of rules and ideas.

So keep your head on a swivel Congressman Boehner, as the conservative movement is coming to replace you, come hell or high water.


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